“I have never seen such a type of amazing plant in my life time. It is growing very very fast. You can see this is a six month old plant grown more than 16ft. They are growing so rapidly. We have given country manure only twice until now. I am so excited, I will plant this in the remaining areas of my fields.”

- Mr. Krishnappa, Kanakapura

“Excellent work done by the company in developing such good Tissue culture teak plants. We had some doubt initially if our farmland soil is suitable or not. But we are happy it is growing very well. In the initial 2 ½ months the growth rate was not that great, but now there is a drastic change in the growth after consulting with the company experts. I once again thank you and Maatreyee for this achievement.”

- Mr. P K Tripati

“I was aware that Teak wood generally takes very long to grow. But the Tissue culture teak yield is in a short time with even better quality and growth. I would like to thank MBT and Maatreyee for the great work on Tissue culture Teak. Recently I came to know that MBT is exporting there saplings to South Africa, Malaysia and China. Good news and good luck.”

- Mr. Ramesh Bhatt

What they have to say about our 'Tissue culture' teak trees
“I was told about the plant from one of my friend’s friend; so as a courtesy I planted around 1500 plants. Now I am very happy seeing the growth. My friends and I visit my farm every 15 days; we are seeing a big change in my farm land. Every time we go we see the plant is grown bigger. In five month my plants have grown to a height of 14 to 15ft. My friends discuss with me about the plants whenever we meet and I feel very happy about it. Please check my Whatsapp to know the actual size of plants. Really amazing. I frankly feel very proud to have such trees in my farmland.”

- Mr. Srinivaas, Malligemettilu, Kanakapura

“I run a nursery and in this field for a very long time. This I tell you is a unique plant and I thank the people who introduced me to this. It’s an innovative idea you have come up with - growing Tissue culture teak plants in large lands. More than anything, the yield is so fast that you can get returns on your investment in a relatively short time. I am very happy with the growth of the plants in my field. Good luck to you all. I have made it a point to tell all my well wishers, friends and customers to plant as many plants as possible in their lands and get maximum returns. This is a life time opportunity to grab.”

Mr. Nagendra Sathya Narayana

Vijay Nagar, Bangalore