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How it works - a graphical trail

smart investment

An investment better than any other

Get higher returns on an investment integrating Land & forestry

What else to expect - Highlights

  • Eco friendly Cottages exclusively for members

  • Hundreds of Farm animals, Indian breed cows

  • Large nursery growing exotic and rare variety of plants

  • Well laid natural roads and approach road to each developed land

  • Traditional health rejuvenation center, Ayurvedic Spa 

  • Sports activities, traditional games

  • Serene pond to support marine life

  • Promoting research activities in agriculture, modern farming practices

Promoting ecology, economy, social living

Bio diversity and Eco sustainability. Healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms

  • 200+ Cows, other farm animals, species will co-exist with each other

  • About 20 cottages built using Eco-friendly material, mud bricks

  • Largely adopting organic farming practices