What better day than World Environment Day to make a really determined effort to live life in better harmony with nature..
We have a choice as to what kind of difference we are going to make..
Let's choose to enrich our earth with abundant greenery by planting more and more trees. It starts with you!
Plant a tree and we will support your effort.
How it works
This is a campaign to promote growing trees at various locations in and around Bengaluru.
  1. Call or write to us to let us know your interest
  2. We schedule a time with you to visit our Tree planting locations
  3. A trip will be arranged from our office and you will be dropped back at our office
  4. You will be preparing a simple pit and you will plant a tree. We will provide the necessary tools and support
  5. Trees most suitable for the location will be selected for planting
  6. We will be maintaining the trees planted by you and you are free to visit and witness the growth
NOTE: As this is a voluntary and free initiative, we encourage volunteers to participate, especially children