Agro Forestry is a concept where thousands of trees are grown to co-exist with each other, rebuilding forests and economy.

In this project, we largely employ several varieties of Timber and other trees known for their long term growth and great returns

Maatreyee Agro Forestry is committed to develop an eco-friendly Agro forest by promoting sustainable development. We are also committed to protecting biodiversity and reducing carbon footprint. The project provides potential for substantial economic growth due to high value teak trees and appreciation in land rates.

Flexible options to also cultivate varieties of other short-term crops, own your Eco-friendly Farmhouse etc.



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Tissue culture trees are harvested after 10 years.

Owner has the option to retain few / all trees for a longer period beyond 10 years where he is assured of higher returns from the trees as their yield increases substantially.


Harvested trees are sold by Company and revenue is shared with owner

Of the 300 trees harvested and sold from one acre land, 75% revenue is shared with the land owner.


After completion of Contract farming period, clear land is handed over to the owner

At this stage owner is in complete possession of their land (freehold) in addition to the substantial revenue earned from sale of the trees.


100+ acres of sprawling farmland will be developed into an Agro Forest.

Individuals can buy 1/4, 1/2, 1 or more acres of clear titled farmland in our Forestry project locations (current location around 2 hrs. drive from Bengaluru)


Upon purchase of land, timber trees /  crops based on your choice are planted on your land.

Planting the saplings and maintenance of trees is based on a Contract farming agreement between the buyer and Maatreyee Agro Forestry.

300 tissue culture Teak saplings / other crops are planted on 1 acre land.



Crops are grown and maintained by the Company to give optimum yield

The teak trees we are talking about are very different from conventional teak. These are fast growing, high quality Tissue culture teak saplings, very different from regular conventional teak. It is Tissue culture Bio technology that makes it unique.

Step 4

Teak trees Stages of growth explained (Step 2 & 3)

stages snapshot.png
300 Tissue culture Teak saplings planted in 1 Acre. High quality, Fast growing
1 yr. tree grows about 25 ft. height.
2 yrs. tree grows about 40 ft. height
Trees gain girth and height between 3rd and 8th year
Trees gain about 75 ft. height, 1.0 Mtr. girth
Yield 20 Cft.

Characteristics of

Tissue culture Teak

Backed by intensive research over 20 years, the farms where these trees are grown at various locations in India, are practiced on an operational scale and not on an experimental scale

  • Tissue culture plant is an exact replica of the original mother plant to a very large extent​

  • They demonstrate exceptional disease resistance and other desired characteristics

  • Faster growth due to the rooting technology employed

  • Higher survival rate

  • Uniform and homogeneous grain for any number of trees

  • The mother plant is selected after 60 characteristic analyses; hence the clone is highly resistant to diseases and pests.

  • Once planted, they are ready to harvest from the 8th year, we however allow for a 10 year Harvest period in this project

  • Returns on yield would be high, as the formation is 75% heart wood and only 25% sapwood



2 hrs from Bengaluru

• 55 Km. from Central Silk board (via Sarjapur        Road) Bengaluru

• 19 Km. From Bagalur, TN

• 29 Km. from Hosur, TN

• 34 Km. from either Sarjapur, Shoolagiri, KGF or Bangarapete.


Berigai/Bagalur/Hosur and surrounding areas in Tamil Nadu - popularly known as the Little England of India and Holland of south India, for its climate, water and soil fertility. These regions are well known for horticulture and floriculture activity.


Also known for its industrial and economic growth, proximity to Bengaluru, connectivity and most importantly, ideal in all respects for our Agro Forestry project including its weather, rich water sources, sprawling greenery, ecological surroundings, richness of soil, proximity to the city and its potential for fast economic growth.